Dear Teens, Parents & Guardians, 

Welcome!! We are excited to have you join our Swim Club and looking forward to a fun & safe season!

Being at the club without a guardian is a big responsibility and privilege! Below are the rules and expectations for your incoming 7th grader through 17 year old while they are at the pool. Please go over all of the rules with your teen prior to signing the agreement. A few of the most important rules are outlined below. 

  • Abide by all the rules and respect the lifeguards, office staff, and Pool Manager.
  • No roughhousing in the pool or anywhere on the grounds.
  • No foul language. There are small kids using the pool! 
  • Food and drink must stay in the designated snack area.
  • Clean up all garbage upon leaving. 
  • Absolutely no alcohol or drug use is permitted.
  • No loitering in the bathhouses.
  • Teens can bring 2 guests per visit.
  • You, as the membership owner, are responsible for any guests your teen brings into the pool under your membership. 
  • All of your teen’s guests must have a signed Hold Harmless Agreement, completed by a guardian prior to entry to the club. 
  • If the teen is not following the rules, the teen will be spoken to on the first offense. A record will be kept in your MemberSplash Account. 
  • The second time, you will be called and asked to pick your child up and they will not be allowed to return to the pool for 24 hours.
  • On the third offense, the teen will not be allowed to come onto the grounds without a parent or guardian. You will be allowed to enter as one of your teen’s guests at their adult guest price.
  • There are no refunds on the teen membership if there are consequences due to misconduct.
  • Please read all the rules here

We look forward to a fun and exciting summer! Please complete this agreement prior to your teen’s first visit to the club on their own. 

Thank you! 

The NMSC Team