Thank you for your interest in New Milford Swim Club  

2024 Membership Pricing

2024 Bonded

2024 Non Bonded &

New Members

Family of 4 people (Don’t worry! We have options to add more people to the account!)
Family of 3 people
Additional Adult (after 4 people)
Single Adult
Senior Couple
Senior Single
Teen Membership

Questions? Email us at or text or call (text preferred!) our membership coordinator at 201-265-5635.

Lots of payment options! We accept credit card, Zelle, CashApp, PayPal, or check!

If you are paying by check, make the check payable to “New Milford Swim Club” and mail it to 160 Trotta Drive, New Milford, NJ 07646

Membership Options

Family of 4 people & Family of 3 people is defined as a family permanently living together, which may include 2 adults, spouse or partner and all unmarried children under the age of 25, as of May 30th. If a family unit member is divorced, his or her children under the age of 25 shall be considered a part of the member’s family unit whether or not they both reside in the same household.

Do you have more than 4 people living in your household that you need to put on your membership? You can add them to your account and pay for them when you check out. Each additional member after 4 people is $99.

Couple is defined as two adults or one parent and one child living in the same household. 

Family of 1 – is defined as 1 adult age 18 and older.

Babysitters/Caregivers – If you have an extra adult or babysitter in your household, you may add them to any membership.

Weekends Only Membership – At least 1 individual age 18 and older – maximum 2 adults – unlimited number of children. All individuals must reside within the same household. Memberships valid Friday through Sunday.​

Teen Membership –    For ages 12 -17.  Twelve year olds must have completed the 6th grade.  ( i.e. 5th graders who are 12 are not eligible) Teens must be able to pass a swim test.  Teen members are only permitted to bring 2 guests per visit.

Senior Single Membership –   1 individual age 62 and older.

Senior Couple Membership –   2 individuals ages 62 and older residing in the same household.

  • Get your kids off their phones and spending time with their friends!
  • Great way to exercise!
  • Read your book poolside while the kids play!
  • Cool off on hot summer days starting Memorial Day weekend.  Full-time hours are tentatively scheduled to begin June 22, 2024.
  • Instant playdates – no arrangements necessary!  Children and adults alike always find a friend to hang out with.
  • Children of members can register for swim lessons at a discounted rate.
  • Children of members can join our swim team for a nominal fee.
  • Social events such as noodle night, ice cream night and other fun events!
New Milford Swim Club provides an unsurpassable summer activity for member families and guests.  The rules, regulations and by-laws have been established for the protection and benefit of all members of the New Milford Swim Club, Inc., their families and their guests.  It is every member’s obligation to read and follow the rules and to ensure that their guests do the same.


  • How do I become a member?
    A) For the 2023 Season, the best way to sign up is to sign up as a new member on through our website. You will be create a username and password and will receive an email back from MemberSplash with further instructions.
  • Who is included in a Family of 3+ membership?
    A) A Family of 3+ membership includes two parents and all children living in the home. All grandparents living in the home.
    Caregivers or additional family members living in the home can be included as part of the membership for an additional cost.
  • I don’t live in New Milford. Can I become a member at the New Milford Swim Club?
    A) YES! The Swim Club is open to residents anywhere! We are a private membership organization all are welcomed to join.
  • What are membership dues for the 2023 season?
    A) Please refer to our membership page for pricing and types of memberships.
  • Does the New Milford Swim Club have a Swim Team?
    A) Yes. The Club has a Swim Team for children ages 5-17. It is open to children of members. Please visit our Swim Team Page for more information. You must have some basic knowledge of swimming in order to participate.
  • If I purchase a teen membership for my teen, can my teen bring a friend?
    A) Teens can purchase up to two guest passes per visit for a fee.
  • Do you have any e-pay options?
    A) Yes! You can pay membership dues (or any other payments) through Zelle, Cash App, PayPal, or Apple Pay. Please make sure you put your name and what the payment is for in the comments before you send your payment. Use our phone number 201-265-5635 or search “New Milford Swim Club.”
  • Can I pay by check?
    A) Yes! Made the check payable to “New Milford Swim Club” and mail it to PO Box 309, New Milford, NJ 07646
  • How can I pay for guest passes?
    A) You can pay with cash, a credit or debit card, an e-payment option, or check.
  • Do I need to purchase a bond to join the club for the 2023 season?
    A) No, No bonds will be sold during this 2023 season.
  • Can I come to the pool without a membership?
    A) We have Day Pass Packages available for purchase for non members.

    • To purchase a Day Pass Package, complete the “Non Member Day Pass” application on the website by hovering over the “Membership” button at the top of the webpage. You can purchase a package there.
    • Single Day Passes are available at the gate for $25 for an adult and $20 for a child ages 1-17.
  • I am a member, how much does it cost for me to bring a guest?
    • You can purchase guest credits in advance through Membersplash.
    • Guest credits work like carnival tickets (2 tickets for the ferris wheel, 3 tickets for the roller coaster, etc.)
    • Each GUEST CREDIT is worth $5. For example, If you are a bonded member and you are bringing in a child, you will need to use two credits, equalling $10. If you are a non bonded member and you are bringing in a guest adult, that is worth 4 credits, or $20.
      1. Child = 2 credits = $10
      2. Adult = 3 credits = $15
      1. Child = 3 credits = $15
      2. Adult = 4 credits = $20