Meet Rebecca Rain

As a child, my favorite season was summer because the water is my happy place. My brother and I attended American Red Cross swimming lessons, swim team and diving lessons and  I participated in synchronized swimming at a country club in upstate NY. We arrived at our swim club early in the morning and left each night as they closed. We participated in our lessons in cold water, rainy weather and overcast days. In between classes, I relished the sheer joy of playing and relaxing in the water.

I began my aquatics career as a lifeguard and swim instructor when I was 15 years old. Summers were spent passing along the swimming skills that were taught to me onto the next generation of children.  College gave me the opportunity to swim on a division three swim team while studying Elementary and Early Childhood education. 

Throughout my adult life I have had the privilege to work with children in a variety of pools and schools. I have provided swim lessons in many family’s backyard pools and I ran a swim school in my own backyard pool while raising my own children who are now 18 & 19 years old.

I continue to find tremendous joy in the water. I enjoy lap swimming and open water swimming. I am grateful to have a skill that helps me to maintain good physical and mental well being and I continue to have the passion for passing this skill onto others. My visions for the future include helping more adults to overcome their fears of learning to swim or improving their skills to truly be able to exercise in the water and to train more swim instructors to be able to pass on the essential skills of swimming and water safety.